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About Psychotherapy - Hoai-Thu Truong PhD - Palo Alto, CA

Most people suffer and experience emotional difficulties at some point in their lives. These problems may show up in a variety of ways: feeling sad, empty, angry, or anxious; trouble in relationships; problems at work; physical symptoms; trouble concentrating; difficulties with coming to terms with a loss such as loss of a job, divorce, bereavement, or being stuck in patterns that we cannot break out of. Often we get help and support from family, close friends, our community (colleagues, church, synagogue, other groups) and we move on. However, sometimes the problems do not go away.

Psychotherapy is a way to address these problems.

What is Psychotherapy?

What do we do in psychotherapy? We talk. You talk. I listen. I make comments. Together we help you better understand your feelings and become more aware of your actions. This understanding creates the possibility of change.

I view psychotherapy as a collaboration between you as the client and me as the therapist. This partnership brings about changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This collaboration may give you tools to cope with specific problems. It may assist you in finding your strength to handle difficulties. It can help you make changes in your life. It can also be an exploration of yourself, of your unfulfilled potential, and can touch upon how you find meaning in life.

Psychotherapy is not a substitute for friendship. It is almost never about quick and easy answers. Change is difficult. Psychotherapy is hard work.

Because psychotherapy involves a commitment of time, money and emotional energy, it is important that you find a therapist you are comfortable working with.