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Are your spirituality and religious beliefs very important to you?  Are you dealing with stress, depression, or relationships, and are looking for counseling that respects your beliefs and values your spiritual practices?  You don’t have to struggle alone. I offer counseling and psychotherapy integrated with spirituality to help you to improve problem areas in your life, such as stress, depression or difficulties in your relationships. I have helped many people struggling with anxiety, trauma or feeling stuck in their lives

Spirituality, wholeness and healing

Spirituality is a very important aspect of who we are. It is very important to our well-being, including our psychological and emotional wholeness. Unfortunately, this aspect of our humanity is often ignored, undervalued or negated in many circles and is often not addressed in search for healing.

For people with a strong faith background and prayer life I provide psychotherapy within the context of your beliefs. I offer a safe place to discuss and explore what is bothering you in your life, whether it be depression, feelings of low self-worth, relationship difficulties, or an impression of emptiness. If appropriate we draw on your faith as a strength to help you through challenging times and to sustain you through your healing process. Psychotherapy can also help you live more fully and to become more whole, to grow to become the person you are meant to be.

For people who are unsure or struggling with the beliefs and values you grew up with, I offer the opportunity for you to explore these beliefs and values in a non-judgmental space, if you should so desire. For example we might examine how the messages you took in about the world and yourself are affecting you now and influence your way of being and interacting with others.
While I work with people of many faith and religious backgrounds, my personal approach is from a Christian, Catholic, non-conservative and non-judgmental perspective.

Finding a therapist who is a good fit for you is very important for therapy to work. I invite you to look around my website to find out more about who I am and my approach to psychotherapy. If you are ready to take the next step and explore the possibility of working together, please call me at (650) 327-3003. I look forward to hearing from you.

Additional information:
  • Religious or Spiritual Conflict: An Interview with Dr. Hoai-Thu Truong. Interview conducted by Jaleh Weber in 2010. (pdf)
  • I am a member of the ACTheals, formerly known as the Association of Christian Therapists, a professional organization of Christian, mainly Catholic, health care professionals and associates in the physical, mental and spiritual health care disciplines.